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Alert! 2015 UCR is now open.
Unified Carrier Registration

Once you apply for 2014 UCR, you will be emailed a receipt and the system will prompt you to register for 2015.

Unified Carrier Registration ("UCR") is a mandatory registration program that applies to all private and for-hire motor carriers of passengers and property that operate in interstate commerce. It also applies to all property brokers, freight forwarders and leasing companies. You may register online for 2013-2015 UCR through this website by clicking on the applicable links. *Past-year compliance is being determined through audits and roadside inspections based on MCS-150 data as per the UCR Board of Directors.

For Carriers operating solely within Georgia
click below to register for 

Unified Carrier Registration
SafeRenew Notice:
In the event you opt to participate in the automatic UCR SafeRenew renewal program, you understand and agree that you may cancel the upcoming renewal on or before September 30 by writing to support@dotfilings.com. If you are still in our UCR SafeRenew database as of October 1st, you will be charged for the renewal and cannot cancel until the following year (before September 30).
DOTfilings.com is duly registered with the official, national UCR system.

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